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ARTjam mit Sitz in Deutschland hat sich dank eines außergewöhnlichen Künstlerportfolios und großem Engagement schnell als feste Größe in der nationalen und internationalen Kunstszene etablieren können. Mit den Abteilungen Verlag, Handel und Management verstehen wir uns vor allem als Schnittstelle zwischen Künstlern und Galerien. Mit viel Expertise und einem großen Netzwerk an Partnern aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen beschreiten wir klassische Wege und bieten wir viel Raum für Innovationen in der Kunst.


Devin Miles | Contemporary German Pop-Art


Contemporary German Pop-Art

Devin Miles is considered one of the pioneers of contemporary pop art in Germany. Icons and motifs from contemporary history can be found in his works on gold, aluminium, canvas and acrylic. The artist made his breakthrough with silkscreen prints on brushed aluminium.

David Tollmann

David Tollmann

Kunst in 3. Generation

The artistic gene was already in the cradle of father and grandfather. The dynamic and successful young painter shows us his expressionist vision of things. Acrobatic lines and bold colors characterize its predominantly feminine motifs.

Petra Rös-Nickel


Konkrete zeitlose Kunst

With geometric shapes, abstract surfaces and demanding lines, Petra Rös-Nickel creates extraordinary clarity and at the same time a vivid, colorful and radiant contrast with acrylics, oils and pigments.

Christiane Janßen


Street-Art trifft Pop-Art

The works of the artist, who lives near Berlin, let us look at a world freed from everyday life. With glitter and glamor, it mainly features comic characters and lets them awaken our desires with ease.

Die Werke unserer Künstler sind in Galerien und Sammlungen in aller Welt zu finden.

Neue Werke

Limitierte und handsignierte Editionen und Originale


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Devin Miles at the Kunsthalle Würth

One of the world's most renowned and important art collectors, the entrepreneur Reinhold Würth (80), has now acquired four works by Devin Miles for his unique collection. The works are the unique pieces "In God We Trust" from 2013, "Wallstreet II" from 2014 and the two current works "Red Lips - Brigitte Bardot" and "Chanel - Romy Schneider". Devin Miles: "It is one of the greatest honors of my artistic career to date that Reinhold Würth has taken a liking to my paintings and that I am now represented in his collection."

Reinhold Würth, the owner of the trading company of the same name, runs 14 of his own art museums in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Denmark, Austria, Holland, Norway, Italy and Belgium. Its collection includes around 16,000 paintings, drawings and sculptures, mainly from the 20th and 21st centuries. He caused a stir in 2011 with the purchase of the "Darmstadt Madonna" by Hans Holbein the Younger from 1526. Würth paid around 50 million euros for the painting.